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Premiere on 2023 | Kepler Mission Films (ES) y Perro Negro Cine (MEX).

Writed & Directed by : Rebeca Sánchez López

Editor: Júlia R.Aymar


Countries: India, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain

Documentary on the conception of death observed from three minority communities that perfectly reflect the three essential phases of this process: pre-mortem, mortem and post-mortem. Reality and magical realism converge in a story about the daily life of the acceptance and cultural integration of death in contrasting societies. Understanding through the stories of our main characters how the structures of the collective imaginary that supports their mortuary tradition and belief are endorsed. 


National and international co-production: Kepler Mission Films (ES) and Perro Negro Cine (MEX).


Selected in

· Lau Haizetara - San Sebastian International Film Festival 2018

· LANZA Abycine 2018

· DOKLab Poland 2019

· EIFF19 Distribution Rewired 2019

· Supported by Programa IBERMEDIA and ICEC for development.



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