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SIS NITS D'AGOST. Fiction Film

2023 Fiction Film | 74’

Directed by Pau Faus

Produced by Nanouk Films
With the participation of  Televisió de Catalunya

and the support of  ICEC & ICAA

Edited by Júlia R.Aymar


Captura de pantalla 2024-01-15 a les 1.13.30.png



Editor: Júlia R.Aymar

Directed by: Ventura Durall



Lluís Maria Xirinacs, religious, philosopher and political activist, left Barcelona one Monday in August 2007 on his way to the mountains. It was his seventy-fifth birthday. Six days later, a journalist found him stretched out in a meadow, dead. Six years later, Duna, a writer in a creative and personal crisis, searches for the ultimate meaning of this death.



  • Gaudí Award Best film for Tv, 2023



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